Win-Win-Work from Home

Working for somebody else could be devastating. Back in the  days it’s not unusual to work for a company for 40 years straight and retired
as a loyal employee’, and that’s about it. Head down to the bar during happy hours and you could hear all kinds of complaints about one’s bosses’ irrational decision or that new careless co-worker just started his first day of work. With that said, there’s an increasing number of folks who are trying to turn things around and started on building a business themselves or just simply, working from home.

Working from home means your taking full control on when, what, where, who, and how you work. You no longer need to catch that 6:30am train and struggle through your one-and-a-half-hour commute just to get in front of your desk. Now you grab your favorite mug with your morning drink and start working, away from any dramas and unnecessary social talk you always hated. However, there are a few rules and guidelines to help maintain your focus and efficiency while working from home.

When – Set priorities by understanding your own schedule, separate time between work, family, fitness or anything that’s important to you.

What – Understand what kind of work you’re most interested in or capable of. If you are working for somebody else, be as consistent as you are at the office.

Where – Find a place where it is relatively quiet with minimal distraction, sitting up straight on a desk or some sort makes your easier to focus. Some prefer the sofa some prefer the coffee shop around the corner, all comes down to personal preference. Switching on the TV and some soft music won’t hurt, technically you are still “working” from home, you might not want to type single-handed while playing catch with your kids.

Who – Either your boss or yourself. It’s not surprising to see entrepreneurs max out working for themselves and employees, in general, are just waiting to get out. Choose wisely who you want to be working with or at least make your working from home experience less stressful.

How – Basic setup that you will need to be able to work from home

– Network access sufficient enough to surf the web, receiving and sending emails

– Laptop, PC and even a tablet

– Good mobile signal reception (a backup plan when network fails)

– Power supply (Keep your laptop plugged-in or charger handy)

At the beginning, working from home could be a little overwhelming since we are all so used to working under an environment where
everyone comes into the office for a reason. Working from home surely needs a certain degree of discipline and self-motivation to drive yourself through the day. Taking short breaks are also essential to achieve better results and regain focus before diving back into your work. Once you have mastered the skills of working from home, you may be shocked to realize the amazing amount of work you can complete within a shorter period. Needless to say, you will have more free time to work on your interests while starting to enjoy your life
even more.


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